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Thursday December 20th, 2012

In a fantastic column, Jennifer Buffett, Co-Chair and President of the NoVo Foundation, lays out exactly why it is so vitally important that we empower and support young women and ensure they have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Young women are "powerful agents for change," and though their unique situations and challenges are often overlooked in an education reform debate that frequently focuses on the plight of young men, they deserve the same attention and investment in their futures.

Thursday December 20th, 2012

The Schott Foundation for Public Education is on the front lines of the movement to ensure equity for girls in education, and their Girls' Equity Grant Program was recently featured in the December 2012 issue of The Legislator, the publication of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators! Check it out!

By Fatima Goss Graves and Lara S. Kaufmann, National Women's Law Center
Tuesday December 18th, 2012

From "Juno" to "16 & Pregnant," the American public has been fascinated by the specter of teenage pregnancy. Unfortunately, the issue of young mothers and their education has received little attention. Even 40 years after the passage of Title IX, the landmark federal law that bans sex discrimination (including pregnancy discrimination) in schools, pregnant and parenting students continue to be barred from activities, kicked out of school, pressured to attend alternative programs, and penalized for pregnancy-related absences.

By Lori Bezahler, President, Edward W. Hazen Foundation
Monday December 17th, 2012

I first heard the phrase "school-to-prison pipeline" twelve years ago in a meeting with a small group of Mississippi parents. Over a decade later, the movement to end school pushout has grown so strong that hundreds of advocates and organizers flocked to last week's first-ever U.S. Senate public hearing on the school-to-prison pipeline. The hearing alone was not the victory these advocates and organizer seek, but it was an important win on the road to implementing policies that keep students in school and learning, not lost in a maze of suspensions, expulsions, and court referrals.

Wednesday December 12th, 2012

Today, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights will be holding the first ever Congressional public hearing on the school-to-prison pipeline! Equally exciting: OTL allies from the Dignity in Schools Campaign and Advancement Project (pictured left) will be testifying at the hearing! You can watch a recap of the hearing here.

Tuesday December 11th, 2012

Need some help developing or advocating for policies in your state to tackle school pushout and end the school-to-prison pipeline? Then look no further than this newly released state policy guide from the Opportunity to Learn Campaign! The guide provides advocates and policymakers with recommendations for ending the ineffective and discriminatory practice of out-of-school suspensions as well as a summary of the significant action and legislative proposals that are already underway in states to address our national pushout crisis.

Monday December 10th, 2012

According to a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the gap between MA's richest and poorest households is the 8th largest in the country. To see what's driving that gap and how it affects issues like education, poverty and the minimum wage, our policy-savvy allies at the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center have released this helpful slideshow tool. Take a look!

Friday December 7th, 2012

It's safe to say, our friends and allies in New York know how to put on an event! And man, do they know how to turn out the media to cover it! On Wednesday, hundreds of parents, students, teachers and advocates from across New York joined the Educate NY Now bus tour traveling to Albany to rally against cuts to the state education budget and to call for a renewed commitment from policymakers to provide every student with a fair and substantive opportunity to learn. The tour stopped at more than 25 communities across the state and brought more than 700 people to the rally at the state capitol.

Wednesday December 5th, 2012

More than 700 students, parents, teachers and advocates from acros NY traveled to Albany today as part of the Educate NY Now bus tour and rally. Here is a press release from OTL ally Alliance for Quality Education as well as several pictures!

Wednesday December 5th, 2012

We have to hand it to our youth allies at the Boston Student Advisory Council who take their advocacy work with them everywhere they go, from rallies and press conferences all the way to the halls and classrooms of Harvard University. Several BSAC members recently held a class for students of the university's Graduate School of Education on the successful efforts of BSAC and other allied youth groups across Boston to get student voices incorporated into teacher evaluations.

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