Voice of Youth in Chicago Education deserves tremendous praise for their latest victory—passing a groundbreaking school discipline reform bill through the Illinois Legislature. By ending the use of "zero tolerance" policies and restricting administrators' use of suspensions and expulsions, VOYCE's bill will help make Illinois schools more welcoming environments for students.

A recent editorial in the New York Times highlights the long-term consequences of "zero-tolerance" school discipline and how they can extend beyond the K-12 system and hurt students' chances of being accepted into college.

MoveOn.org partnered with former Secretary of Labor and prolific writer and vlogger Robert Reich to release a new video called "How to Reinvent Education" as part of their Ten Ideas to Save the Economy series. In only two and a half minutes, he lays out six sensible strategies to support and improve public education in the U.S.

The Boston Student Advisory Council released a first-of-its-kind website and phone app this week that is a great tool for empowering the city's students and ensuring the district respects their rights, particularly as they relate to school discipline.

Brittini Gray, a community organizer with Metropolitan Congregations United, published a powerful op-ed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch decrying the continued lack of resources for schools in the St. Louis area. She lays out how lack of funding and poor policy decisions have continually damaged the Normandy School District, creating a climate in which students have minimal opportunities to succeed.

Currently over half of students in the U.S. received free or reduced-price lunch, a statistic that is widely used as a proxy for measuring child poverty rates. Now, however, a new strategy to fight hunger in schools might make it more difficult to collect data on the number of low-income students across the country.

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