Cassie Schwerner, Schott Foundation for Public Education

On October 3rd and 4th I had the great honor to attend the 3rd annual Arkansas OTL Summit. Arkansas' organizers and advocates really know how to put on a show!

Philadelphia's schools are under attack. Teachers and community members need your help. Take and share a "solidarity selfie" to show your support!

Over 40 organizations helped launch The Campaign for Fair Education Funding, which is pushing for Pennsylvania to adopt a fair, sustainable funding system for the state's schools. Learn more about the campaign at

After collecting more than 188,000 signatures, organizers in Mississippi have won a place on the state's November 2015 ballot for a fair school funding initiative.

"The havoc wreaked by so-called education reform has had the upside of crystallizing a movement of parents, teachers, school staffers and kids who are fighting for education justice."

As part of an ongoing series of reports on school climate, the Alliance for Excellent Education partnered with the Opportunity to Learn Campaign to produce a guide on how our nation, states and cities can recruit, train and support the best teachers and get one at the front of every classroom.