University of Massachusetts professor Mark Warren has published a valuable primer for understanding how our schools and students are impacted by broader inequalities in our society and how the seeds of an emerging education justice movement can take root and flourish into a political force to be reckoned with.

No one was entirely happy with the Philadelphia School Reform Comission (SRC)'s vote last week to approve 5 new charter schools for the district (out of a total of 39 applicants), but for many of the protestors crowding the meeting room, the vote was at least a small victory to limit the financial burden charters have on Philadelphia's already financially struggling public schools.

As attention increases for the problems facing young men of color in our nation's schools, the problems unique to young women of color still lack similar awareness. Cassie Schwerner, Vice President of Programs at the Schott Foundation, details these important issues in an op-ed for Time Magazine.

Following the landmark Lake View court case in Arkansas over a decade ago, the state has made huge strides in equalizing school funding and trying to give all students access to a great public education – but there's still room for improvement.

A report from the Alliance for Quality Education says NY Governor Andrew Cuomo owes New York City public schools $2,667 per student, which adds up to $2.5 billion worth of resources currently being withheld from the city's students, teachers and their schools.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education and the African American Policy Forum recently released two important new reports highlighting how our nation's public schools can and must do better for young men and women of color. On Thursday, Feb. 26 at 2 PM Eastern, join Schott and AAPF for a webinar exploring the findings of the two reports and what they mean for the fight for racial and gender justice in our schools.

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