Opportunity Gap

Opportunity Gap

The opportunity gap is the unconscionable disparity in access to the quality educational resources needed for all children to be academically successful. Students from historically disadvantaged families have just a 51 percent Opportunity to Learn compared to White, non-Latino students. Closing this opportunity gap is essential to closing the academic achievement gaps that separate most Black and Hispanic students from their White and Asian peers.

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Opportunity Gap Toolkit

An overview of the opportunity gap, including talking points, key data, resources, and key organizations. Click here to download the full PDF, or view individual sections of the toolkit on the right.

Blog Posts on Opportunity Gap

Jun 25

Over the next several years, New York City will invest $52 million to double the number of community schools in the city. These schools act as hubs for all types of wraparound supports from medical services and tutoring for students to English language classes and job training for parents.

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Jun 02

A new report by the Open Society Foundations and the Foundation Center is a must-read for anyone who cares about the rectifying the disparities in our society that impact young men and boys of color.

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May 21

A new report from the Journey for Justice Alliance details how pervasive underfunding of public schools and policies like mass school closures and charter expansion are harming students in low-income communities of color – and what we can do instead to support all students.

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Education Opportunity for All
"The nation recognizes its social, civic and economic strength is directly linked to the strength of its public schools. But if every child is to have an opportunity for success, every student must have a true Opportunity to Learn."
John H. Jackson, President of the Schott Foundation for Public Education