Race, Gender and the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Expanding Our Discussion to Include Black Girls

Publication Date: 
Mon, 2012-10-01
Monique W. Morris
African American Policy Forum
Equitable instructional materials and policies

This report examines how the "school-to-prison pipeline" metaphor often fails to consider the unique position of Black girls in the push to reform school discipline policies. Monique W. Morris, a 2012 Soros Justice Fellow hosted by African American Policy Form and a former Vice President for the NAACP, writes that by ignoring issues of identity politics and stereotypes facing young Black women, the current debate about school discipline leaves Black girls "in a nebulous space between males and other women, where they are rendered not only invisible but powerless to correct course with opportunities that respond to their triple status as female, as a youth, and as a person of African descent."