Following the landmark Lake View court case in Arkansas over a decade ago, the state has made huge strides in equalizing school funding and trying to give all students access to a great public education – but there's still room for improvement.

A report from the Alliance for Quality Education says NY Governor Andrew Cuomo owes New York City public schools $2,667 per student, which adds up to $2.5 billion worth of resources currently being withheld from the city's students, teachers and their schools.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education and the African American Policy Forum recently released two important new reports highlighting how our nation's public schools can and must do better for young men and women of color. On Thursday, Feb. 26 at 2 PM Eastern, join Schott and AAPF for a webinar exploring the findings of the two reports and what they mean for the fight for racial and gender justice in our schools.

Part 2 of the ongoing series "A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools," chronicles how the city's struggling public schools were seized by the state following Hurricane Katrina and handed over to private, charter school operators. Now, in the nation's first all-charter school district, New Orleans parents and students must contend with the failures of this massive experiment in "school choice."

The Schott Foundation for Public Education has released "Black Lives Matter," the 2015 installment of its biennial 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males. The report's latest estimates for national public high school graduation rates are 59 percent for Black male students, 65 percent for Latino males, and 80 percent for White, non-Latino males.

An important new report from the African American Policy Forum combines national data on school discipline with interviews with young women of color to paint a picture of their experiences in school and in their communities and to offer suggestions for how we can better support them.

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