Because Pennsylvania still lacks a fair school funding formula (and because state policymakers won't prioritize funding for Philadelphia's schools), parents, students and teachers kicked off the school year in the most appropriate way possible: with a week of protests and a voter registration drive!

At the same time that our nation's public schools are becoming more diverse, they are also growing more segregated. An interactive mapping project from the Urban Institute gives a powerful visual of the extent to which our public schools don't reflect the changing demographics of the country.

The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools was recently featured in Responsive Philanthropy as an example of what's possible when parents, students and educators take a stand together to demand the resources and opportunities our children need to learn and thrive.

When it comes to creating traffic jams, NJ Gov. Chris Christie might want to take a lesson from the students of Newark. On Wednesday, over 150 young organizers with the Newark Students Union shut down a major street in downtown Newark outside the school district headquarters for 10 hours to demand local control of their schools.

In California it costs $62,300 per year to imprison someone, but just $9,100 per year to teach a child. A powerful short video from Californians for Safety and Justice challenges us to "do the math" when it comes to expanding the criminal justice system or investing in schools.

Pre-k has always played well in public debate, but a new Gallup polls show just how much people like pre-k and how much they want to see it expanded. According to Gallup, 70% of Americans favor using federal money to fund universal pre-k.