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Monday June 22nd, 2015

The New York City Council is considering a bill that would use public school funding to provide NY Police Department safety agents to private schools. In response, Kesi Foster, Coordinator for the Urban Youth Collaborative, wrote an op-ed arguing this bill not only hurts public schools financially, but also directly contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline.

Monday June 22nd, 2015

Youth organizer Jaritza Geigel gave a powerful speech in New York last week about her own personal experiences with harsh school discipline, its devastating and disproportionate impact on students of color, and the work done thus far to combat it.

Monday June 15th, 2015

The 4th edition of the Education Law Center's 4th "Is School Funding Fair" report card is out this month, giving advocates and organizers across the country another round of valuable data on how well states are (or aren't) investing in their schools and students.

Monday June 15th, 2015

Last week parents, students, teachers and community members across Massachusetts took part in a statewide week of action against the overuse of high stakes, standardized testing. The events were organized by the newly formed Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance and their local partner, the Boston Education Justice Alliance.

Thursday June 11th, 2015

Last year, we release an online toolkit called "Investing in the Future: Revenue Options to Give Every Child the Opportunity to Learn," which presented strategies that states can use to raise revenue to fund important investments in education, transportation and more. Now we are releasing a series of fact sheets that distill the critical takeaways from the toolkit and offer brief overviews of strategies like instituting a millionaire’s tax or closing tax loopholes for large, profitable, multi-state corporations.

Wednesday June 3rd, 2015

Several years after the grassroots organization Padres y Jóvenes Unidos won district-wide school discipline reform in Denver, they've released their 4th annual "Denver Community Accountability Report Card," tracking schools' progress in implementing those hard-won reforms.

Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

A tax credit plan proposed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would drain resources from already underfunded public schools and has prompted over one hundred clergy members to speak out against the Governor's proposal.

Monday June 1st, 2015

The African American Policy Forum, Advancement Project, Dream Defenders, and others released a new video that powerfully reaffirms the multitude of reasons why #BlackGirlsMatter. In the wake of high-profile police violence against black men and boys, and thanks to initiatives like President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative, national attention has begun to focus on the myriad problems black boys face. However, these efforts often ignore black girls, who face not only the same systemic racism, but also sexism.

Friday May 29th, 2015

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's new tax credit proposal prioritizes wealthy donors and private schools over the needs of public schools, which both serve all students and are desperately in need of adequate funding.

Friday May 29th, 2015

An article this week in the New Pittsburgh Courier spotlights the powerful organizing work of the Journey for Justice Alliance, which has been leading the fight against the privatization of public schools in cities across the country.

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